Cellulite be gone!  Is this a miracle cellulite buster in the form of a cup? 

We all have cellulite and for some, it can be a real confidence killer. Over the years the beauty industry has thrown quick fixes such as anti- cellulite miracle creams and massage tools at us women and we have bought into them. We decided to test one of the more recent releases on the market graciously given to us by the French and we’re going to put some of their claims to the test.


IMG_1671 -2017



An unbreakable silicone massage tool that does not require electrical power. In the comfort of your home and at your pace massage your skin to reduce dimpling and the orange peel effect by replicating the famous ‘palpate and roll’ technique. Using it for 5 to 10 minutes will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

According to the company’s research based on a test with 67 women, 86% said they would recommend to a friend and 79% said they noticed firmer thigh skin.  All this for a just £13.99, sounds too good to be true?



** Although consumers are advised to pair the use of this little tool with exercise this would have made it very difficult to get a feel for what the cup itself can do.


I have to admit I was very sceptical of this and trying it out the first time was a shock to my legs and did not feel comfortable at all when they say you need to cover your skin in oil, they were not messing about. This feels like an intensive gym sesh for the hands and I found myself with cramps from squeezing the cup as the silicone was so hard. At this point I did wonder if I should just stop and resume with my squats and donkey kicks. I would suggest making sure you are immaculately shaven too, nearly pulled off a few fine hairs on my thigh but I survived day one.


Ok girls sorry to disappoint but I still have cellulite… so no this isn’t a miracle worker but My results after just two weeks were better than I expected. Much to my surprise, I do feel like my skin is more toned than at the start of this little experiment. The initial pain is now something I am used to but I would not recommend this to someone with sensitive skin or someone with a low pain threshold.

I do feel like my superficial layer of cellulite has slightly improved however we all know cellulite goes much deeper than that.

Overall this definitely gave me a decent confidence boost to have my legs out so who knows maybe with more time and with exercise this could be a thing for me now. But at the same time, I do wonder if the hand cramps were worth these results and I am still a firm believer that exercise is a must in my personal fight to reduce the appearance of cellulite.





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