Fitness Apps have become a central part of the healthy lifestyle most strive for but with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which work best with your fitness goals. We’ve chosen our best and our worst based on their original concepts, overall look and usability. These are but a few and we recommend you read reviews before investing in paid for apps to avoid disappointment.



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Lifesum is a health and lifestyle app that records your health and your fitness goals and creates a personalised fitness and meal plan for you. The app gives you feedback on the food you have eaten to see whether they meet the requirements of the meal plan you have set yourself.The app lets you know what some of your bad eating habits are and how the can affect your fitness/health goals. Though the initial app is free and the main downside is that many options are premium and need an in- app purchase to enhance your experience but these vary to suit different budgets.


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Earthmile is a free app that when connected with you favourite tracker calculates how far you walk.The more you walk the more points you earn and these allow you to purchase something that you may be interested in buying. The app has motivational quotes and posts


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This app is a free that is brilliant for those who need a little more coaching and has guidance videos for the exercises you wish to perform. It is brilliant for beginners who need an easy and accessible solution to their fitness problems. You can start off with a six-week program and plan from beginner to intermediate. The app includes a wide database of no equipment exercises making it the perfect on the go coach.


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This free App really captured our hearts as it allows you to earn money towards a charity of your choice. The more you run, the more money you earn for your charity. It’s really a win-win. You get fitter and for a great cause.





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The description of the app itself is enough to make us cringe saying ” Girls and women can’t do without a round butt.” This 8-week program sees a better buttocks as the ultimate goal in female fitness and we just can’t approve. Though some of the exercises in this app a great for improved perkiness, this isn’t a well-rounded app in our eyes.


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We like the concept behind this one but the execution is quite amusing in the sense that we can’t imagine doing exercises in the office without colleagues looking at us strangely. This may just be one to keep for the lunch break unless you feel completely comfortable. The app is however supposed to help with neck and back pains that come with sedentary work.

MAP MY ( multiple apps)

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Rating this app was very difficult as these are good apps but there is one major floor with the Map my apps. Each activity has its own individual app that makes this worst in our books as you would have to switch between apps depending on your activity. It is such a shame in our eyes. So you would have to have the Map my hike, walk and run which we think would make it difficult to keep up and isn’t so great for phone storage space. This app is also limited to iPhones only.


What are your holy grail fitness apps? Tweet us your answer @strongerinstyle

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