You may have seen the viral activewear parody video made by the female comedy group Skit Box that creates comedy web series, films and television. The Sydney-based group created by Adele Vuko, Sarah Bishop and Greta Lee Jackson made a video that mocks our societies new found uses for activewear.

Watch the Skit Box ACTIVEWEAR video here:

Skit Box also designed an exclusive limited edition logo shirt that says ‘literally doing nothing in my activewear’ following the video’s success.

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At Strongerinstyle we’ve asked regular women what they do in their active wear… some do all but exercise, of course, others’ responses may just surprise you.

Tara Healey 22, Soldier from Bromley UK


I play with my cat in my gym clothes and I purposely wear it when I’m cleaning my house and doing chores, also going food shopping carrying all the bags home, it’s so comfy and stretchy.

Emma Lumley 22, PR Executive from Nottingham

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Leggings, sports bras and baggy t-shirts are perfect for just nipping to the supermarket in! At least it looks like I have an excuse for the makeup-free face and scruffy hair if it ‘looks’ like I’ve been to the gym.

Hannah Phillips 20, Trampoline and gymnastics coach from Hull

Capture d’écran 2017-04-26 à 12.09.29.png

I normally just wear it to laze around the house in as it’s comfy or just for little odd jobs like to pop to the petrol station and fill my car up or run to the shops. If I need something quickly an oversized tee will do!

Ellie Young, 22, Junior Reporter from Worthing, West Sussex

Capture d’écran 2017-04-26 à 10.56.25.png

I wear it pretty much everywhere – I did a food shop in it yesterday! But mainly lazing around the house, going out to do errands which don’t require me to look amazing and things like that.

Emma Ormiston 21, Student from Whitley Bay


Apart from wearing it to actually do sports in, I wear my yoga pants for lazy days and popping to the shops in as they are comfy ! I also wear it for travelling in, so if I’m going on long car journeys or trains as again it’s pretty comfy!

Bethany Jane Elsey, 21, Assistant News Editor from South Shields living in London


Doing gymnastics from age 3 I grew up in pink tracksuits and grey Reebok sweat-shirts… #90sKid The love for comfy and practical clothing never died.
And while it’s all well and good that I do wear thermal yet highly breathable leggings & those amazing long sleeves jumpers with the hole for your thumb when I’m running, rock climbing and cycling… This comfy gear is what I live in.

Without fail, I will wear sportswear every day regardless of whether I’m exercising or not.

Yoga pants are the most practical, travel wear, lounge in front of the TV, sit in any unflattering position and not worry about being prodded by a jeans button or being restricted by a skirt material! They’re also the perfect, I’ll chuck something on quick and pop out to the shop clothing item.

SPORTS BRAS hallelujah!
Every day.
Under any clothing. Supportive.
My best friend.
Usually worn to work under dresses or shirts.
Sometimes even worn on a night out because I can dance like a loony and not be booted in the face by my breast.

My trainers are the heaven my feet dream of when in stilettos and so I wear them to work, to shop, to go out for food.
Feet deserve to be comfy and supported.

YAS to practicality, comfiness and being casual.
YAS to sportswear.

Natalie Gray 21, Activity Leader from Newcastle 

Capture d’écran 2017-04-26 à 12.05.15.png

I am Always wearing activewear around the house, for uni and while going to the shops as its comfy! A lot of my wardrobe is activewear! I use the excuse of I do a sports degree and my job is related to sports and coaching.

Arsha Matthews, 21, Student from Sunderland 


I wear it around the house because it’s comfortable and just easy to wear really. I also wear it for when I’m travelling, for long car journeys or by flights.

Jodie Summerscales, 21, Retail assistant from Ossett


I wear my active wear in the home, I find it the most comfortable clothing that I have. So rather than wearing Pyjamas or jeans, active wear is a perfect middle ground. They are great for when you need to do odd jobs around and just outside your house.

Olivia Leonard 24, Sports Coach from Cumbria


I use active wear as general wear a lot of the time, particularly my long black ones! As well as exercise and work. It also gives me an excuse for the no makeup and a ponytail look I work 90% of the time.

Gabbi Simpson,22, Yoga teacher from South London.
I don’t actually own any non-activewear clothing. As a yoga teacher, it’s convenient to wear it every day (as I’m usually teaching or practising every day) and saves on changing outfits. I’ve also been known to go on a night out in yoga pants…..

What do you love to do in your activewear tweet us your response @strongerinstyle and remember to live life in your ACTIVEWEAR.

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