Prepare yourself for the first Avocado restaurant in Europe! 

Avocados have been piling up on our Instagram feeds and it seems they aren’t about to stop. Founders of the Avocado Show talk their concept; their love for avocado, their menu and it’s everything you’ve Avo-wanted.

The one of a kind food joint based in the in De Pijp neighbourhood (south Amsterdam) known for its hip atmosphere, uses a whopping 400 eat me avocados a day in order to create it’s most elaborate creations. Inspired by Collette Dike founder of Fooddeco and their love for the green fruit, Julien Zaal, Ron Simpson, and chef Jaimie van Heije created The Avocado Show.

Co-founder Ron and Julien said: “Collette inspired us from the start and helped us out in our starting phase. Her dishes and designs are amazing.”


“Plus 33, Amsterdam and De Pijp is perfect for a new restaurant. Buzzing, trending and  an up-and-coming area!” says Julien Zaal

“Well, we love avocados! It’s a superfood that is so nutritious, versatile, yummy and good looking. It deserved its own mono concept. Once we started to create dishes, content and more we found out that the possibilities are endless,” says Ron Simpson

The Avocado show serves anyone! Their site says ‘We love all of you, so we serve flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians and Martians.’

Though they say the clean eating trend hasn’t inspired them, the founders of the restaurant do recognise its impact.

“I think that healthy food and clean eating has an impact on how much people want to know about their food and what they eat. We decided to create a place where everything is available, from clean meals and vegan meals to cheat meals and brunch extravaganzas,” says Ron Simpson

The menu includes an Avo garden dish complete with flowers, avocado sorbet, smoothies and more.

We guarantee that one look at the menu will leave you wanting to try the most showstopping concoctions.  

The Avocado Show - Photo 2
©Marleen Visser
©Marleen Visser
©Marleen Visser

 “Our most elaborate would be The Avo Poké Bowl. Hawaiian-style raw salmon with wakame, fish caviar, edamame beans, flowers, sushi rice, house soja dressing and a beautiful avocado rose,” says Ron Simpson

The Avo poké bowl and the Avo Rose seem to be a popular choice for visitors with many taking to Instagram to share their experience at the café. So how did these wacky Instagram worthy dishes come to light?

“We sat down with our chef Jaimie van Heije and together we thought of all the classic dishes we would like to create with avocado, all the cool stuff we discovered online and he came up with some brilliant signature dishes of his own.

“The hardest thing ever was to cut the menu down to size, we had so many great things on there. Luckily we can still add them in the future,” says Ron

The team admits they have been surprised by the attention the restaurant has drawn since it opened earlier this year.

“Well, we expected some fans and attention, but no one could have expected this. This is a dream! “says Ron Simpson

Some famous faces have also walk through the cafe’s doors but the team swears this makes no difference.

“We have had some really well-known models, bloggers, actors and artists yes. But once you walk through our door, you are just an avocado fan like all of us so we won’t be naming anyone,” says Ron Simpson

And that isn’t all brace yourself they hope to open an Avocado in ‘every cool city across the globe’!

Could London be next?

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