This one is for the girl who loves to look great but doesn’t have hours to spend picking an outfit.

Our expert talks capsule wardrobes and It’s like meal prepping your clothes.

At Strongerinstyle, we understand that you have a busy schedule as you are out there bossing every aspect of your life that means your diary is so booked that you can’t always pick outfits the night before.

We’ve asked our shopping expert Daria Andronescu just how she creates a ‘Wonder capsule wardrobe’ for her clients and how to apply these principles to you create your own effortless capsule wardrobe which will never leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Daria is the owner and author of the Wonder Wardrobe online video course. Over the past seven years, she has worked as an international personal shopper, creating multifunctional seasonal capsule wardrobes for clients all over the world. After gathering her professional experience and knowledge, she’s has developed her own innovative method to help build the perfect wardrobe also known as the ‘Wonder Wardrobe’.

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“A capsule wardrobe doesn’t include any random clothes; every item has its own place and role. Besides that, all of the pieces are interchangeable. So you don’t need to spend time every morning thinking what clothes to put together to make a cute outfit,”she says


To save time picking each day means you have to make time when you are free to go over what you have.

“My tip would be to actually take some of your personal time to get to know your wardrobe and get over with the problem of having nothing to wear. Check everything you have and see what and how many outfits you can make and where you can wear them.

“When you come back from a shopping trip, don’t just throw new things in the closet. Lay all new items down on the bed and try to create as many outfits as you can. Mix and match. Don’t forget about your old clothes, shoes and accessories – some of them might also look great paired with some of the new stuff. By the way, creating outfits with new clothes immediately after shopping is a great fashion habit that will lead to knowing what to wear for any situation,” she says.



The key to maximising our wardrobes isn’t to buy more clothes but instead to do more with what we already have.

“So where do we begin? First of all, I want you to understand the fact that it will take some time to create a stylish, fashionable and functional wardrobe. Patience is key. It’s impossible to buy everything you want in one day and hope it will work.

“There are steps you should take before you go shopping. The first one is to establish how many outfits you actually need for work for a season. Usually 20 to 25 outfits are enough. To create this amount of interchangeable outfits you’ll need to include at least 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 jackets or blazers, 2 pairs of shoes and one bag.

“The second step is creating a colour palette. A cohesive colour palette will help you easily match clothes together and bring colour harmony to your capsule.

“Now that you’re fully prepared, it’s time for the first truly rational shopping trip of your life. The main rule here is to invest in quality, not quantity. Remember that all things in your capsule should easily mix and match and create stylish outfits that you truly enjoy wearing,” says Daria

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“I always start building business capsules by choosing a couple of pantsuits and then I add a couple of more skirts and dresses. I also make sure that the jackets from the suits should also go with the skirts and the dresses.



“I think contrasting colour combinations such as red and white, navy and light blue, fuchsia and white always make the overall look a little more dresses up. So, if you’re in a hurry, choose something bright for a top and pair it with a white or black bottom. The colour will make you look fresh and polished.



Daria’s visual guides allow you to have all your clothes available on your computer or mobile and ready to go.

“You can create a visual guide for your capsule wardrobe. This way you will know exactly what you have and all the ways you can wear it. It will take just a couple of seconds to decide what to wear or what to pack for a business trip. I explained in detail how to create a visual guide in one of my videos,” says Daria



For more on capsule wardrobes visit the Wonder Wardrobe Website  or on Instagram @dariaandronescu

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