The 6 step morning beauty routine as easy as ABC for you busy ladies.


Oh, beauty routines! While we love to discover elaborate ones where our favourite celebrities talk in depth morning rituals that we realise we just don’t have the time to recreate them at home. Especially if we want to fit in a workout!

Strongerinstyle talks speeding up beauty routines with Paige Mooney trained makeup artist and magazine beauty intern who knows the difficulties of cutting back all too well.

“A study carried out in the U.K. earlier this year suggested that we as women have on average a 27 step beauty routine.

“Sounds a bit OTT, right? But if you’re a beauty junkie like me, you’re probably pretty close to that number without even realising it. Not to mention, that’s a helluva lot of chemicals that are going to be absorbed by your skin. But let’s be realistic.

“We don’t have the time in the morning for a mountain of unnecessary products, so here are the ‘must haves’ that will save you a lot of time (and money),” says Paige


You don’t really need to spend a fortune when it comes to moisturiser but be aware of what your skin needs. I recommend having a few different kinds as your skin changes daily depending on the time of month or season; one day it might need hydrating, the next brightening etc.

  1. SPF

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt as a beauty journalist, SPF is the most important thing you will ever need and your skin will thank you when you’re older. Whether it with your moisturiser or foundation, protection from the sun is crucial to healthy skin, even in the winter.


  1. BASE

Whether you’re a BB/CC, foundation or barefaced kind of girl, there’s no need for a full on Kim K look every day (Even Kimmy has toned down on the contour as of late). A good coverage base should mean little need for concealer, and a bit of bronzer along the top of the forehead, the cheeks and jaw line should give you a healthy glow.


  1. LIPS

Chapped lips aren’t a great look, especially if you wear matte lipsticks which can be quite drying, so I’d recommend a rich moisturising balm. A great tip is to load it up before you go to bed at night and voilà, kissably smooth lips when you wake up.

  1. EYES

If you could only have one product, chances are it would be a mascara. Play around and see what works best, whether it’s lengthening or volumising, you can never have too many.

  1. BROWS

Perfecting the brows takes serious time and effort. Thankfully naturally bushy looking brows are on trend right now so get yourself a brow mascara and comb through the brows which will also give some hold. If you have sparse brows, grab a pencil and lightly fill in the gaps where needed



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